If you're looking for a fun activity on a budget, Penn offers a wide range of events that are free to the public and/or the Penn community.

Please note that students, partners, and dependents may need to show a PennCard for admission and that some events may be open or free only to Penn students. Advance registration may also be required. Check in advance for details.

Last updated December 6, 2018

FALL 2018

Concerts on Fridays at World Cafe (link)
English classes every week at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (link)
Family Swim on Fridays at the Sheer Pool (link)
Student Parent Wellness Group on Wednesdays (link)
Working Dog Center Tours every month at Penn Vet (link)

08     Welcome Back Play Date (link)
12     Ph.D. Grant Info Session (link)
22     Smithsonian Magazine Museum Day (link)
23     Lecture: The Digital Restoration Initiative (link)
26     ICA Free For All (link)
27 Film: William Kentridge’s 10 Drawings for Projections, 1989-2011 (link)
29 ICA Field Trip for Penn Students (link)

02     Print Demonstration (link)
10 Flu Clinic (link)
11 Flu Clinic (link)
12 Flu Clinic (link)
13     Family Second Saturday: Fantastic Folklore (link)
14     Film: Random Acts of Legacy (link)
16 Play: A Puppeteer with the Palsy Performs Shakespeare (link)
16     Concert: South African Jazz (link)
16 The Challenges of Infant Sleep: Workshop with Dr. Melisa Moore (link)
19     Locust Walk Arts & Crafts Fair (link)
20     Locust Walk Arts & Crafts Fair (link)
21     Locust Walk Arts & Crafts Fair (link)
23 Let’s Talk about Breastfeeding (link)
27     Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival (link)

10     Family Second Saturday: Worn and Adorn (link)
10 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Music Of Asian America Conference: Day 2 (link)
Film: Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity, And Stereotypes (link)
Film: Futbolistas 4 Life (link)
Film: Musical Shorts (link)
Film: Havana Divas (link)
Film: Never Again is Now (link)
11      Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival
Music Of Asian America Conference: Day 3 (link)
Film: Forbidden City, USA (link)
11 Film: Poi E (link)
12 Film: Hale County This Morning, This Evening (link)
17 Stellar Space Workshop with Mad Science! (link)

01 VIP Hours – Visiting Infants & Parents (link)
01 Winter Play date (link)
06 Family Cooking Workshop (link)
07 Daedalus Quartet Concert (link)
07 Public Reading of Emily Wilson's Odyssey (link)
08     CultureFest! Winter Soltice Festival (link)
14 INSIGHTS: Caleb Teicher & Company (link)