If you're looking for a fun activity on a budget, Penn offers a wide range of events that are FREE to the public and/or the Penn community.

Please note that students, partners, and dependents may need to show a PennCard for admission and that some events may be open or free only to Penn students. Registration may also be required. Check in advance for details.

Last updated August 26, 2019

FALL 2019

Concerts on Fridays at World Cafe (link)
Weekly English classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (link)
Working Dog Center Tours every month at Penn Vet (link)
2019-2020 Events at the Wolf Humanities Center (link)

27 Penn Day of Play, 11:30 - 1:30pm, College Green
27 President & Provost’s Reception & Resource Fair for New Graduate & Professional Students, 4:00-6:00pm, Annenberg Center Lobby
27 Demo Days at Penn Recreation
28 Demo Days at Penn Recreation
29 Demo Days at Penn Recreation
30 Demo Days at Penn Recreation
31 Demo Days at Penn Recreation

01 Demo Days at Penn Recreation
06 Refresh! Registration Deadline (link)
06 Annenberg Center Band Slam (link)
11 Ph.D. Insurance & Family Grants Information Session (link)
13 ICA Fall 2019 Opening Celebration (link)
14 Welcome Back Play Date (link)
17 Research Tea with Dr. Manuel S. Gonazález Canché (link)
25 Film: Border South (link)
27 Night Music Chamber Ensemble (link)
28 Zinemaking Workshop (link)
28 #Blkgrlswurld Punk Fest and Zine Fair (link)

07 Film: Paris is Burning (link)
12 Family Second Saturday (TBA)
12 ICA Field Trip for Penn Students (link)
13 Film: Dede I Brought You Back (link)
14 Film: How Do I Look? (link)
15 Research Tea with Dr. Jessa Lingel (link)
16 Flu Clinic (link)
17 Flu Clinic
18 Flu Clinic
21 Film: Kiki (link)
      Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Festival (TBA)

01     Locust Walk Arts & Crafts Fair (link)
02     Locust Walk Arts & Crafts Fair
03     Locust Walk Arts & Crafts Fair
09 Family Second Saturday (TBA)
Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (TBA)
13 Film: I Cannot Tell You How I Feel (link)

01 VIP Hours – Visiting Infants & Parents (link)
CultureFest! Winter Soltice Festival (TBA)
03 Research Tea with Dr. Megan Kassabaum (link)