Penn Student Health Service

If you are planning to start a family while at Penn, you can talk to a female nurse practitioner or OB/GYN physician at the Penn Student Health Service (SHS) in Women's Health.

Women's Health provides preconception services to women, such as pregnancy testing, options counseling, and referrals to local prenatal care providers. Women's Health can also recommend prenatal vitamins for women who are trying to become pregnant. For more topics to discuss during your preconception appointments, see the materials below:

Preconception Care: Before You Get Pregnant
Women's Health Pregnancy Booklet

Once pregnant, you will need to establish a relationship with a prenatal care provider outside of SHS. Referrals and information about health insurance can be found in the following handout:

Philadelphia Area Obstetrics/Prenatal Referrals

Although you will need to visit a prenatal care provider outside of SHS, you can continue to visit SHS for non-maternity related medical care.

For more information, book an appointment online or call 215-746-3535.

Maternity/Paternity Workshop

In the Spring semester, the Wharton Doctoral Program hosts the annual Maternity Paternity Workshop with guest speakers from across the university. For more details from these workshops, see the materials below:




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