If you're looking for a fun activity on a budget, Penn offers a wide range of events that are free to the public and/or the Penn community.

Please note that students, partners, and dependents may need to show a PennCard for admission and that some events may be open or free only to Penn students. Advance registration may also be required. Check in advance for details.

Last updated April 25, 2019

spring 2019

Concerts on Fridays at World Cafe (link)
English classes every week at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels (link)
First Tuesday and Animal Lovers lecture series at Penn Vet (link)
Sensory Play on Thursdays (link)
Story Time with the Free Library (link)

18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Story Time (link)
19 Lunar New Year Festival (link)
21 Free Cat and Dog Vaccination Clinic at Penn Vet (link)
25 Martha Graham Dance Company (link)
26 Walt Whitman Workshop (link)

02 VIP Hours — Visiting Infants and Parents (link)
03 Family Resource Center Ice Skating (link)
04 Penn Students: The Psychology of Taste: Chili Peppers (link)
09 Second Saturdays: Egyptian Adventures (link)
10 Film Screening: Deaf Family Home Movies; an illustrated talk (link)
16 CPR Training for Parents (link)
16 Rene Marie (link)
20 FIlm Screening: Summer Wars (link)
27 Film Screening: Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle (link)

09 Second Saturdays: Music of the World (link)
10 Film Screening: Terra Femme: Women and the Travelogue Archives (link)
15 Film Screening: Soy Cuba (link)
16 Printmaker Pop-up (link)
28 Penn Students: Are You Ready for Escape the Museum (link)
30 Nowruz Festival (link)

03 Financial Wellness (link)
08 Penn Students: Written in the Stars: Ancient Constellations (link)
09 Foreigners at the Heart of the Empire: Immigration and Handel’s Semele (link)
10 Film Screening: Kiseki (link)
12 Family Game Night (link)
13 Second Saturdays: Cards, Dice, and Dominoes (link)
26 Spring 2019 Opening Celebration (link)
27 Spring Brunch and Play Date (link)

01 Free For All (link)
02 Study[break]ing at the Museum (link)
03 Study[break]ing at the Museum (link)
04 CultureFest! African and Diasporic Cultures (Led by the Colored Girls Museum) (link)
04 VIP Hours – Visiting Infants & Parents (link)

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